It’s all about the music

Different genres of music come and go. What makes one style better than the other? Connectivity!

Being able to connect with an audience, whether it be live or on recorded albums, the goal is to create something timeless.  Playing a style that allows the band to jam and have fun will always be what causes a band’s sound to live on.

Although The Why Store is always aware of what sounds are “hot” at the time, they stay true to who they are by sticking to their riffs and songwriting. Never afraid to take their unique sound to a different level, you can find them experimenting with current genres while keeping it “old school”.

With different influences growing up, each band member brings their experiences and inspiration to each and every song. And, because of those influences and the jam nature each song The Why Store has, on any given night, you can hear the band bringing funk, bluegrass, rock, pop and more to their already definitive style and sound.

“… It’s Alright  – I love playing that song. It’s not a hard song, but it’s one we jam on.  It’s got a great feel to it and it’s really easy to play around with the guitar over it … ”