It’s all about the vibe

While my guitar gently weeps, we realize you can’t always get what you want, then again, there’s always cocaine and 47(ish) other tunes The Why Store has covered over the years. From the Beatles to The Rolling Stones or Eric Clapton, The Why Store has a good time covering classics.

There’s no denying The Why Store has a definitive “funk” sound they can add to just about any song out there. Plus, with Chris Shaffer’s undeniably unique voice, taking a cover song from “karaoke” to a “funked up” jam-style song is what makes doing a cover song unique and exciting.

With over 150 original songs written by Chris Shaffer, The Why Store still finds the time to put their own “spin” on cover songs from today and days done by.  But, with such an impressive arsenal of original tunes – including Lack of Water, a #1 hit on Triple-A Radio (for two weeks in a row) – how does The Why Store decide which covers to throw down?

Chris Shaffer takes the following into consideration when considering a cover and when to throw it out there …

In order for us to cover a song, it’s got to have lyrical substance and a tune that is receptive to us putting our sound on it. A great cover should be able to stand on its own, while giving the original writer(s) vision respect.

A recent cover of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

“I think covering classics is a great way to honor those who have come before us.”