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The Why Store is lead by Chris Shaffer an intense, emotional songwriter with a repertoire of 150+ original songs. Add to that another 30 covers, and what you get on stage is a unique experience every night. He does not prepare a set list before his three-hour-long performances and instead draws randomly from his entire arsenal of songs.

  • TWS has never played the same set of songs in the same order.

  • They are very open and accessible to their audience.

  • Feel free to record, stream or post our live shows.

The Why Store Tour Dates

“There’s nothing better than live music. It’s raw energy that feeds the soul. The Why Store provides the kind of atmosphere at their shows where you can let your hair down. There’s an enviable connection The Why Store shares with their fans, a base whose ranks are growing, as listeners rediscover their unique funk or come across them for the first time.”