Straight to the deep end

When we work on songs, we pull them out live. Many times, the first time the guys in the band hear them is the first time the people in the audience is hearing them. – Troy Seele

The “process” for The Why Store is to get out and do it live. We put ourselves and our personalities into the songs. Many times, it turns out to be magical to see where a song can lead us.

Playing songs live for the first time (before recording them), allows us to get a feel and a vibe from the audience. This way, there’s no outside influences … we just get to do what we do and that is the funnest thing in the world.

With no road map or safety net, we just go for it.

Playing til your fingers hurt

Taking the stage without a set list and having 150+ songs in our arsenal, we never know exactly where the night is going to take us. We’ll play for 2 to 3 hours and not realize just how long we’ve been going.

There’s not many “jobs” where a person can just do their thing until it hurts and have fun while doing it.

We’re truly blessed and couldn’t do it without the fans.

“There’s this new one we d. It’s a funky one in D … I don’t even know the name of it yet and there’s no reason to even put a name on it until it’s actually in production.”